I usually work with 3 steps design process
Let me show you how it works


Proceed from general

When I start a project, the first thing is to overview the general situation. 每当我开始一个项目,我做的第一件事就是要纵观整体,了解大概的方向。


Storytelling & Visualization

The whole design process is like telling a story, we have the main roles: needs and problems, our task is try to create an attractive plot to connect the roles. The ways to achieve this goal can be anything, I love to work with people of different backgrounds, as everyone shares different ways of solving problems.整个设计过程就像在说一个故事,我们有问题和需求这两个主角,作为设计师的任务便是创造有意思的情节将这两个主角联系起来。创造的方法可以是多种多样,我很喜欢和不同专业的人合作,因为每个人都有自己独特的方法。


Test & Feedback

In any case, I always set a prototype to help me gain a better understanding of the result. In order to make sure the thing I make that can be useful, I also need to test the prototype and have feedbacks from users.在任何一个案例中,为了更好地理解最后的成果,我都会设置一个原型,为了能够保证自己做的东西是可用的,我需要测试原型,并且从用户那里得到反馈。


You can see all my design works here.