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This is a service about open the campus to community

The first thing we need to know is what people want to get from campus. We interview people in the community near campus and collect information of their needs. Then we decide to start an activity in the community to get some feedbacks. We call this Useed, It's a kind of seeds planting and sharing activity. We ask residents to collect the things they don't use and bring them to us, we help them using these materials to create vases and pots.We give them seeds and the they can bring the plants with the DIY vases or pots home. We find people this kind of turning waste to treasure concept. The aim of this activity is to using innovative methods from campus to bring residents a better life.


首先我们要了解的是人们希望从校园里得到什么。我们采访了附近的居民,搜集了他们的需求的信息,接着我们决定做一个活动测试一下我们的原型,我们这个活动叫做“种”, 我们让居民把家里的废弃物品带来,和我们一起把它们做成花坛或是花瓶,再用我们给的种子,他们就可以得到一个自己做的花坛了。居民对于这样变废为宝的概念很感兴趣,而我们的目也正是用大学里的创意方法给附近的居民带来更好的生活。